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This is my well-written and well-informed Authority Tax Services Review; I hope you find it useful. I leave reviews for companies like ATS, because I read a lot of reviews. I consider myself to be well informed, so I make sure to research the companies I plan to do business with online before I actually do business with them.

I read reviews, complaints, company profiles and websites filled with information.  I want to dig up as much dirt, and good, as I possibly can about a company, then I will feel like it’s OK to do business with them.

Some companies have more attention to detail than others.  When you’re looking for a service in an industry that has a bad or poor reputation, you tend to look really carefully at companies and pay attention to every detail.  The tax resolution industry is definitely one of those industries you cannot avoid doing just that.  So needless to say I was very tedious when looking at Authority Tax Services.

Reading through the reviews online, I found most of them to be really good and genuine.  You can tell when a company does a good job and bad job according to the reviews you read.  I think they are one of the best Tax Resolution companies out there today.  There are a lot of reasons, but mostly because they have great customer service and great prices.

I looked around at the reviews on other websites and found they had a great reputation.  Authority Tax Services is controlled by some really reputable tax attorneys at the top of their respective fields.  Professionalism is one thing but kindness is another thing all together. They really treat people with respect and dignity in a tough time.

I would highly recommend the team at Authority Tax Services to anyone who is in debt with the IRS.  Take the time and call for a free evaluation from a company with great morals and ethics.

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Authority Tax Services Review

Every working citizen pays his or her taxes although it is becoming almost impossible to carry on with the new tax legislation. As many people desire to file their own taxes, the technical terms and tax codes are continuing to be off-putting, resulting in frustrating situations trying to write out documents without any assistance.

However, this should never be the case especially when you can obtain assistance through Authority Tax Services, the favorably regarded and true authority in tax resolution. This is a company vested with tax debt mediation where experts and skilled professionals walk you through the arduous tax clearing steps leaving the simple part of filling the blanks for you. These are Tax Attorneys, Ex-IRS Agents and CPA’s on staff ready to work on your case.

Their communication network has never been better than now, and the tax team allocated to you will always be in direct communication. Simply, the highly qualified Tax Attorney’s will work out all the legal strategies just to get you the resolution you deserve.

They not only provide countless services to an individual taxpayer but also provide numerous business tax services. For instance, while you and your business might be struggling with the state or IRS, the solution can be a simple phone call away.

Authority Tax Services focuses fundamentally on providing you with first rate customer service and attaining a convenient strategy that suites you. This is an opportunity for you to get represented by a company that rationally understands that being in tax debt is a complete nerve-racking moment for you and your family. They will work on your set of circumstances until you are happy with the trouble free outcome.

Remember, any mistake arising from filling out wrong information can lead to a lot of problems. Authority Tax services takes their time to review all the important information that you send to the IRS. In case of any errors encountered, Authority Tax services returns the forms to you. Even the most well-purposed diligent tax managers are capable of creating errors. However, the rule is, never let important government documents go through without proper scrutiny. Not paying close attention may cause you to end up losing lots of money.

What makes this company top on the chart is the number of years serving clients whose tax problems have been solved. They are ready to take on your case and fight for your rights.

While many companies are offering promises of eliminating your tax debts, few can work out with confidence and sureness. Authority Tax Services has an exceptional commitment to its clients and offering high levels of expertise and trustworthiness. Transparency is the key factor, where clients are always informed on every stage of the process thus creating trust that results in a pleasant experience for everyone.

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Tax Authority Services Resources

img1Authority Tax Services, LLC is one of the pioneering firms in offering services in the areas of tax representation, and mediation. We are a division under the Johnson & Giordano Group. We are determined to redefine the industry through capacity building in our professional team in terms of competency and honesty and focus. We strive to offer straightforward sales practices and excellent client services that promote customer satisfaction.

Authority Tax Services’s management team in the firm’s organization structure is comprised of Wayne R. Johnson, a leading tax attorney. He has been named a Super Lawyer in the field of Taxation Law by the Los Angeles Magazine and Esq. Law and Politics Magazine in the years 2009 to 2012. Mr. Johnson was an adjunct tax law professor at the graduate tax program in Loyola Law School, Golden Gate University’s campus and at the College of Law in Western State University. He currently serves as member to the Board of Advisors at Loyola Law School. He also writes on a regular basis on international wealth planning, tax and business matters and on estate planning.

Authority Tax Services offers exceptional and valuable approach on how to manage tax issues. This is by carefully analyzing state of affairs of our clients and evaluating them against all the tax debt solutions that exist. This ensures that the best decision is reached. After determining our approach, we begin to negotiate and converse aggressively with the aim of attaining the best resolution on behalf of our client. This approach ensures that we have the client’s best concerns at hand.

Our firm has a good reputation in all circles of the government and private tax society. This gives us an all-inclusive insight into the internal administrative functioning of the tax agencies. We have specialists fluent in tax laws ranging from intricate IRS regulations and procedures, protocols, negotiations and mediations who are available to assist you.

The purpose of our firm is to have a client base that is fairly represented without taking advantage of them by earning quick cash through the means of dishonest operations. Our objectives are to provide an efficient and cost-effective quality service.

We have built enough capacity in terms of infrastructure and model approach that will allow us to provide our client with effectual representation. Authority tax services has top-notch qualifications, experience and relationships on our side, which is the initial step towards the right track.

We believe in giving advice to our clients so that they can use this information to understand what approach we will take to resolve their tax issues. We have up to 47 different IRS solutions, which we review our tax issues against. Authority Tax Services offers an explanation to our client once we find a solution that best fits you so that you may know what to expect. We always have a backup plan that helps guard the integrity of our services if there is a possibility of not getting our primary solution approved for any reason.

We started based on the fact that the Tax Resolution Industry was in disarray. We identified this opportunity to make a difference by transforming the industry through resolving the tax issues effectively.

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